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It’s time to take an exciting leap into your dental assisting career with Lake Norman Dental Assisting School in Mooresville, NC. We offer several courses to get you on the path to a successful dental career. From courses on dental radiology to administrative courses, we have it all – plus the answers to all of your questions. Before beginning your application process, it is necessary to provide documentation of completed six hours of job shadowing.

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The dental profession has a high demand for assistants that are proficient in dental technology and administration. By attending Lake Norman, you can become a cross-trained dental assistant through extraordinary education and hands-on training by our remarkable team. We offer various classes like dental assisting and orthodontic assisting courses for students from Charlotte to Winston Salem, NC, and beyond.

Chairside Dental Assisting Course

The Dental Chairside Assisting program involves 12 weeks of training, in which students have an opportunity to practice the various routines of chairside assisting.

What classes are in this course?

Along with an orientation overview of the position, we offer several other classes to be well-versed in the position, including:

  • Dental Practice Management Software
    • Students learn to operate the dental management software, hands-on application, and key clinical record keeping elements.
  • Dental Anatomy & Physiology
    • Provide students an understanding and knowledge of dental anatomy and function; includes characteristics of dental anatomy, human dentition, and supporting structures.
  • Initial Clinical Orientation
    • Give the student basic skills in the initial reception, seating, and examination of the patient.
      Provide the student with a fundamental knowledge of the hand, surgical, and rotary instruments used in the dental office by setting up trays.
      Dental Charting
      Students practice preparing dental charts using appropriate symbols and abbreviations, as well as classification of cavities.
  • Sterilization & Infection Control
    • Learn various methods of sanitization, disinfection, and sterilization are practiced. Given a broader look at the potential spreading of disease from a dental treatment area.
  • Dental X-Ray Techniques
    • Learn how to expose dental periapical X-ray film using the Rinn Bisected-Angle Technique. Film development and mounting are discussed and practiced.
  • Dental Materials I
    • Basic understanding of the dental filling materials commonly used in the dental office.
  • Dental Materials II
    • Basic knowledge as it relates to dental impression materials, waxes, and gypsum products.
  • Advanced Clinical Procedures I
    • Students will assist with cavity preparations, fillings, root canal procedures, simple surgical procedures, and take and develop X-rays, chart dental records, and sterilize instruments.
  • Advanced Clinical Procedures II: Preventive Dentistry
    • Observe surgical extractions and crown and bridge preparations; learn to educate patients about proper dental health care.


What is required for the class?

The chairside requires twenty hours of shadowing that may be completed in one week or spread over a two or three week period, but must be completed within 30 days after completing the 12-week portion. The X-ray class is included in the chairside program.

Also required and not covered by tuition:


  • Access to the internet
  • Printer
  • Black scrubs: Top & Bottoms, shoes
  • Anti-fog goggles
  • ebook, mindtap/3 ring binder

Orthodontic Assistant Classes

What classes are in this course?

Along with an orientation overview of the position, we offer several other classes to be well-versed in the position, including:

1 – Oral and Dental Anatomy
  • Oral Anatomy
  • Dental Anatomy
  • Tooth Development
  • Tooth Numbering
  • Tooth Surfaces and Directions
  • Malocclusions
2 – What is Orthodontics?
  • Introduction
  • Dentistry and Dental Specialties
  • Types of Orthodontic Treatment
  • Stages of Treatment
  • Orthodontic Instruments
  • How Teeth Move
3 – The Orthodontic Appliance
  • Basic Orthodontic Appliance Parts
  • Elastomeric Ligatures (a.k.a. Alastiks)
  • Steel Ligatures
  • Intraoral Auxiliaries
  • Non-Traditional Orthodontic Appliances
4 – Archwire Selection
  • Placement, and Termination
  • Archwire Selection
5 – Headgears and Elastics
  • Extra-oral Auxiliaries – Headgears
  • Intra-oral Auxiliaries – Elastics
6 – Secondary Appliances
  • Categories of Secondry Appliances
  • Introduction to Appliance Fabrication
  • Types of Appliances
7 – Application of Orthodontic Appliances
  • Separators or Spacers
  • Orthodontic Bands
  • Bonding of Orthodontic Appliances
8 – Removal and Retention
  • Removal of Braces
  • Retention
  • Post-treatment Procedures
9 – Diagnostic Records
  • Introduction to Diagnostic Records
  • Impressions
  • Bite Registration
  • Orthodontic X-ray Techniques
  • Photographic Techniques
  • Digital Records
10 – Radiation and X-ray Safety
  • Introduction
  • Radiation Safety
  • The X-ray Cassette – Extra-oral film
  • The Darkroom
11 – Orthodontic Models
  • Types of Models
  • Pouring Models
  • Separation Models
  • Trimming Models
  • Alternatives to Standard Study Models
12 – Patient Management
  • Chair, Patient, and Body Positioning
  • Physical Interaction with Patients
  • Checking Appliance
  • Patient Instructions – Oral Hygiene and Appliance Care
  • Charting
  • Parent Communication
13 – Infection Control in Orthodontics
  • What is Infection Control?
  • Sterilization and Disinfection
  • Protecting our Patients and Ourselves
14 – Professionalism in Orthodontics
  • What to Expect in the Real
  • World of Orthodontics
  • Interviews and Resumes
  • Professionalism in the Orthodontic Office

During this course, students will need to complete:

  • An 8-week hands-on clinical lab instruction
  • 12 weeks of training
  • 20 hours of interning/shadowing an orthodontist.
  • X-ray class is included in the orthodontic program
  • Have a laptop with access to the internet for online homework/tests.

Students will complete the online material weekly in conjunction with the course’s hands-on clinical / lab portion. The hands-on portion will be at least 5 hours per 12-week course.

The hands-on portion will be taught at our school’s location once a week on Fridays 3:00 pm – 8:oo pm for twelve weeks.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

Applicants must possess or do the following before enrollment in this course:

  • A High School Diploma or have passed the GED test.
  • Must have 6 hours of shadowing with an Orthodontist, documentation required, before applications are approved.
  • Applications must be submitted before the first day of class.
  • No late enrollments will be accepted.
  • A personal interview is required with the school director before admission.

Applicants may apply for admission in person or by mail. Only applicants who show a real desire to study and whose personal educational background points to enthusiasm to learn will be accepted. Applicants will be considered without regard to race, creed, sex, or national origin.

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Dental Administrative Online Course

The Lake Norman Dental Assisting School prepares students for entry-level positions such as front office personnel in a dental office. Students will learn the proper skills required to coordinate the everyday flow of a dental practice.

Dental front desk personnel play a vital role in each practice’s efficient operation and creating relationships with patients. They meet the many non-clinical needs of patients and provide exceptional customer service. They coordinate the flow of patients through the office; assist patients with payments, insurance, and billing information; schedule appointments, and maintain patient charts.

Online Dental Front Office Personnel Program

The Online Dental Front Office Personnel program involves:

  • 8 weeks of training where students have an opportunity to practice the various routines of administrative duties.
  • Requires a Windows computer with Windows 10 or under. Cannot use iMacs, Notebooks or Chromebooks

Course Objectives

Many different aspects make up the front desk personnel. The classes throughout the course will teach you everything you need to know, including:

  • The Dental Healthcare Team
    • Being able to identify and understand the many roles of the dental administrative side. Also, learning effective communication skills, verbal and nonverbal.
  • The Areas of a Dental Office; The Face, Oral Cavity, and Teeth; Chairside Dental Assisting
    • Identifying the basic anatomical structures and tissues of the teeth, facial structure, and oral cavity. Identifying different areas of a dental office.
  • Creating a Positive Image Customer Service
    • Theories and elements to utilize when communicating with patients and developing team strategies.
  • Dental Practice Management Software
    • Learning the function of dental practice management software, how to operate the software and record keeping.
  • Using an Appointment Book or Electronic Scheduler
    • Learn the mechanics of scheduling and maintaining an appointment book, scheduling, and calling patients.
  • Financial Policies
    • Learn the different types of financial plans and insurance coverages. Learn how to manage accounts receivable.
  • Career Opportunities for Administrative Dental Assistants
    • Identify the steps to be followed in developing an employment strategy and what opportunities are available for administrative dental assistants.

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Additional Courses Offered:

North Carolina S.P.I.C.E. Course

S.P.I.C.E. is the Statewide Program for Infection Control and Epidemiology. Section 10A NC Administrative code 41A.0206 states: Dental offices shall designate one on-staff member to direct infection control activities.

This person is required to complete a course approved by the state in infection control. This course is a five-hour course and fulfills the requirement for sterilization and infection control for DAII status.

C.P.R. (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) & A.E.D. (Automated External Defibrillation)

Lake Norman Dental Assisting School is a registered training center for The American Safety & Health Institute’s CPR and AED program. This program provides workplace and community training in performing CPR and using an automated external defibrillator (AED).

Nitrous Oxide Course

This course is designed to provide Dental Auxiliary (DAI, DAII, or RDH) with the background knowledge necessary for monitoring nitrous oxide-oxygen analgesia.

Students who complete all 7 hours of instruction will be awarded a certificate of achievement. This certificate allows for monitoring patients using nitrous oxide under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist in North Carolina. The clinical aspect is covered and completed with a short exam.

Approved by the Dental Assisting National Board (DANB) and the NC State Board of Dental Examiners.

“I learned a lot during my time here. I’m glad I found this program. 12 weeks flew by quickly. They don’t guarantee you a job, but they help with your resume or extra time learning the materials. I love how on the first floor is a live dental office. Everyone is so sweet and made my experience even better.”

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